Before writing this dedication, I read through the private messages I had with Ryan “Mechanoreceptor” Northcott. We spoke less about Kult and more about the beckoning abyss in our lives and of the burdens and freedoms of death. Yet our thoughts of Kult were always there, veiled and ever present.
We talked about supporting and trusting each other. Asking the other to help shine a light into the darkened waters we wished to drown ourselves in. To help out the other as we found ourselves caught in the labyrinth of our lives. We spoke about helping out the other with addiction. We spoke about being able to finally play the Kult adventure, Island of the Dead.
We talked about my struggles in November 2019 as I kept seeing the boat of my life slipping further away from the shore, while I was busy cutting the moorings. Mechanoreceptor was there, being an anchor for me as he could. He asked me to deal with not drowning and let everyone else deal with swimming.
When he went, I thought I had only myself to keep myself afloat. This was untrue. A community had grown on the Kult Discord server, dark flowers blooming in friendship. We too grew to support and trust each other. Without us supporting and trusting each other this memorial project would have never become more than a faded idea.
Mechanoreceptor once asked me, “who the fuck am I going to game with if you walk away?”
To which I rejoined, “Who is going to GM if you are not around?”
So I ask you, “who is going to play or GM if you are not there?”
I hope you enjoy the fruits of this project

Chrystal Andros

4th of December, 2020

◊ Requiem for Mechanoreceptor ◊

These scenarios and other gaming aids made in memory and honor of Ryan Northcott contain mature themes. They are works of dark fiction, so reader's discretion is advised.
Divided We Run - One-shot scenario starter, fleeing and lost in the wilderness
The Faulkeners’ Dream Maze - Scenario, a nightmare realm between life and death, grief and terror
Wind on the Leaves - Scenario, black ops hit squad faces the horrors of a deep-jungle trek
100 Dark Scenes - Inspirational collection of scene ideas and story seeds
Deep Dark Net - Sourcebook, exploring the dark corners of the internet in the world of Kult
Hunters Ice House - Location starter, a bar on the outskirts of town owned by a secretive man
Menagerie of the Lost and Broken - Collection of PCs and NPCs from various worlds beyond Elysium
Keys to the Kingdom - Long fiction, based on actual campaign play, by Andrew Crag
Thoughts on the Laws That Govern the Universe - Short fiction, by Ryan Northcott
Complete bundle
All documents in one single bundle

◊ Light a candle ◊

In exchange for the divine gifts we are giving, we ask you to make a donation in return. This is not compensation for our work, but purely in support of the Northcott family: Ryan's beloved wife and daughters. All donations made via the GoFundMe go directly to them.

◊ Credits ◊

In memory of
Ryan 'Mechanoreceptor' Northcott
Ryan 'Mechanoreceptor' Northcott, Adam 'Kraetyz' Kratz, Alex 'Auburney' Obernigg, Andrew Crag, Chrystal Andros, luyise37, Sasha 'TK' De’ath, Yauheni 'Lisonka' Bakanovich
Ryan ‘Mechanoreceptor’ Northcott, Carlo Di Domenico, Enrique Meseguer, Gabriel 'Gabe' Pellizzaro, Jabari Weathers, Larissa Darrah, Lars Haygood, Petter Nallo, Romain Grolleau, Rosiana 'rosedragon' D.
Proofreading, Comments & Additional Writing
Adam 'Kraetyz' Kratz, Chrystal Andros, Mik B
Alex 'Auburney' Obernigg, Mik B, Tim 'timn' Segers
Project lead
Alex 'Auburney' Obernigg
Special Thanks to
Helmgast AB, Dan Algstrand and Stockholm Kartell for the use of elements from the K:DL visual design, Members of the KULT: Divinity Lost Discord community